TEDxGuildford launched this year with a fantastic event titled “Be The Best You Can Be”, held at the historic RGS in Guildford. We brought together an exceptional group of speakers who shared their work, vision, and ideas with us. Our audience enjoyed the talks, which offered a wealth of inspiration and explored different ways of being the best they can be, to make a positive difference to all our lives, our communities and the world around us.

Our talk is now live on TEDx Talks official Youtube channel. You can watch all of our thought-provoking speakers below.

Sally Earnshaw | Stepping up to success

Guy Bloom | Living brave

Dr Natalie Riddell | Stress: when a good thing goes bad

Peter Molyneux | Finding out who we really are

Henrik Kiertzner | The joy of risk

Thomas Bryans | Architecture’s ripple effect: Designing for big impact

Andy Russell | My sliding door moment

Russell Dean | Puppets and perception

Mandy Saligari | Feelings: Handle them before they handle you